Hope Easton - The Mad Cellist 3d photography by meredith Day 3d Holiday Card by Meredith Day
 Hope Easton / The Mad Cellist -
 Private Commission 3d Composite Holiday Card
Mindi Abair 3d photography by Meredith Day Mike Dawson- Adam Carolla 3d photography by Meredith Day John5 3d photography by Meredith Day
Mindi Abair - Mike Dawson - John5
Steven Adler 2d photography By Meredith Day Jaqueline Epcar 3d Photography by Meredith Day  Jason Castro 3d by Meredith Day
Stever Adler - Didi Benami -
Jason Castro
Franklin Vanderbilt 3d production by Meredith Day  Bones 3d Holiday Card by Meredith Day
Franklin Vanderbilt - Ludwig
Bones Holiday Card
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Meredith Day, Talent Developer & Author   Viper Room Hollywood Califronia
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Starmaker Machinery

Talent Developer and Author Meredith M Day
helping performers expose themselves since 1980.

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Margo Harshman age 10   Jennifer Love Hewitt 10 years old  Adrianne Leon at 12 years old
Margo Harshman (Even Stevens/NCIS)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (Kids Inc/Ghost Whisperer/911)
both at 10 years old,
Adrianne Leon (General Hospital, Young and Restless)
at 12 years old

Our newest starlett!  
Ryan Scarlet - Nov 2018
Ryan Scarlet Ryan Scarlet Nov 2018
Ryan Scarlet Nov 2018  Ryan Scarlet Nov 2018

Partial Meredith Day Project List:
Stealing Spitfires - American Idol
Beautifully Mad - Tony King and Nina Vox
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Shia LaBeouf
Ryan Scarlet - Didi Benami - Animal Bag
Jason Castro - Margo Harshman
Adrianne (AKA Adrianna) Leon
Autumn Sky Wolfe  - John5
Michael Welch - Brooks Wackerman
Franklin Vanderbilt (Lenny Kravitz)
Mike Dawson (Adam Carolla)
No Authority- Dave Navarro
Dave Mason - Jeanette Jurardo
Joe Walsh - Noisepie - Omar Torrez
HaHaHalfway - Steven Adler
Billy Paulsen (Lucid Lynx - The Perks)
Chant - Molly McNight
Sir Paul McCartney/Capitol/EMI
Seal - Bonnie Raitt
MJJ Records - Ingterscope Records
Capitol Records - EMI Records
Sony Records - Jo Jo Laine
Jimmy Miller - Guns-N-Roses
Great White -
Full Meredith Day Client and Project List

Starmaker Machinery By Meredith Day
A must have
Performer's Operations Manual!

About Meredith Day

Subliminal Lullaby
The best lullaby to
put your child to sleep!

Subliminal lullaby - Autumn Sky Wolfe
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Surviving Puberty and Other Death Defying Acts of Excellent Parenting
Stealing Spitfires

Stealing Spitfires
Subliminal Lullaby Review Welcome To Autumn Sky Wolfe
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Music Video Sample
"Fire and Ice"
Featuring Autumn Sky Wolfe
Cinematography by
DanWolfe & Jesse Brunt
Autumn Sky Wolfe

"Fire and Ice"

Autumn Sky Wolfe

Just You
A Romatic Holiday
Stocking Stuffer!

"Just You" by Autumn Sky Wolfe
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Autumn Sky Wolfe Nominated for
2015 New Music Awards for
"Best New Adult Contemporary Artist"
"Best Crossover Artist"

2015 New Music Weekly Awards
Autumn and Shiloh
 Autumn Sky Wolfe
New 2017 Releases!
"Therz Nothin Wrong
With Me"
Therz Nothin Wrong With Me - Autumn Sky Wolfe

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"I Believe"


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"Therz Nothin Wrong
With Me"

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