My Experience With Shia LaBeouf
By Talent Manager Meredith Day
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    I first heard all about Shia LaBeouf before I met him.

    At the time I managed Margo Harshman. She was in consideration for a show called "Spivey" which later turned into "Even Stevens" (Disney®).

    Both Margo and Shia were considered "Unknowns". Generally, in the industry, that is the kiss of death.

    Show runners (people who produce television shows) would rather die than hire talent that is not proven reliable with a five page resume. I'm talking about eleven and twelve year olds here.

    It took forever to cast the show because Brookwell McNamara Productions, for good reason, were really hesitant to put such raw talent (Both Margo and Shia) in lead and recurring roles.

    Everyone was talking about this young boy, "an uncontrollabe renegade", that was up for the lead in the pilot.

    The Casting Agent, Joey Paul, loved Shia for the lead role, but was afraid he would be disruptive on the set and cause a bunch of trouble.

    Ha Ha HA!

   SHE WAS RIGHT! Trouble is Shia's middle name!

    Both Margo and Shia got the parts anyway and the rest is history.

    In truth, being a director myself, I prefer talent that is a bit of a handfull. I've always preferred to have to tone the talent down than to have to hit them with a cattle prod to get an exciting performance!

    Who was to know back then that Shia would shoot his arrow to the moon and actually get there! Who was to guess that the last show would be totally about Shia and Margo.

    Way back then, who could imagine Shia would be co- starring with Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark / Kingdom of The Chrystal Skull in 2008!

    What a vicarious thrill for me!

    Back then I personally felt Shia, like Margo, was an extremely special person. Yes he was pretty nuts, but I had a feeling he would do really well.  He was just fun to be around.

    Kind of like Peanuts character "Pig Pen". Except Shia had a cloud of PARTEE! around him, not dust!

    Shia was a passionate musician so I talked my friend at Fender® International, Del Breckenfeld, into checking him out.

    Del saw what I saw. He helped Shia pick a great Fender® Guitar and the next thing Shia did was bring ALL  his drums to the set too.

    You can imagine how much the film crew loved that... joke.

    The pleasure of watching Shia streak to stardom has been all mine. At times, for instance when he donated his time to The Best New Talent Awards in Hollywood, he was a pain. I felt I needed a leash on him!

    The mantra was WHERE'S SHIA!

     It's well known that he and Margo became very close after Even Stevens ended, and all I can say without infringing on my non disclosure agreement with Margo, is that, as always, Shia was like holding fireworks. You never know what will happen next.

    Each Movie Shia has done has surpassed what he did in the previous. Being third generation entertainment industry, watching huge stars develop over the years, I fully expect Shia LaBeouf to play in the same long lived pool as Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, George Clooney, and Clint Eastwood.

    In fact, when Shia is the same age as Clint Eastwood, I can imagine him treating the industry in the same way, with a deeply humerous awed dysfunctional disdain!

     I love his recent comment on a talk show. "I'm just living in the wow!" What a brilliant one liner!

    That's the Shia I first met 11(!) years ago, hopefully that will be the same Shia 40 years from now.

You go boy!

Kudos to your Mom and Dad!

Your Fan,
Meredith Day

From 1968
Formerly Known as

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